FRF July Show @ Flint Ridge Farm
Jul 15 all-day
FRF July Show @ Flint Ridge Farm

July 15th, 2023
Closing date (in‐hand), July 10th, 2023

Judge Lori Hoos “R”

Please Mail Entries to: Show Secretary, 3616 Maysville Road, Huntsville, AL 35811 or email to [email protected]

  • One Entry per Horse/Rider combination.
  • Entries, Coggins, and payment must be in-hand by the closing date or will incur a late fee and not be guaranteed  entry.
  • Management may refuse an entry for any reason and reserves the right to make any changes necessary to ensure the efficient and safe running of the show.
  • All riders must wear ASTM/SEI approved helmets while mounted.
  • NO Dogs Allowed. Very limited day stalls available.

Offered Classes